Yup, We Finally Went Ahead And Did It

After a couple of years of scrambling for change and surfing the internet for the hottest skate pix we are proud to present the first printed edition of Jenkem, aptly titled Jenkem Vol 1.

This isn't some big retrospective or anniversary, it's the first physical edition of our mag, with some of our favorite old stuff alongside a shit ton of new stuff we made just for this book. And because this is our first run, we decided to go big. No thin, floppy newsprint for us—we went straight to glossy pages and hardcover.

Jenkem Vol 1 will continue to shine a light on the shadier areas of skateboard culture including:
Expect this “award winning book” to be shipping to your nearest skateshop this August and hopefully you have a place for it on your fart-filled couch, the side of your bed or that bookshelf you never really look at.
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